Buffalo King Megaways
Buffalo King Megaways
Buffalo King Megaways
Buffalo King Megaways
Buffalo King Megaways
Buffalo King Megaways
Buffalo King Megaways
Buffalo King Megaways
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  2. Buffalo King Megaways
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Buffalo King Megaways

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3.4/5Overall Score

Buffalo King Megaways is a 6-reel megaways slot that has a tumble feature, which means if you hit a winning combination, the winning symbols will disappear and new random symbols will appear. As the name suggests, the main character in this slot is a buffalo, along with its friends. Overall, this game is below standard because the graphics are dull, and the gameplay is just like any other megaways games. The music is okay, though it’s like Bronco Spirit, which is better than this game. If you want to play this game, consider only use normal spin because the ante bet and bonus buy have lower RTPs.

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  • RTP (default high): 96.52%
  • Volatility: High
  • Max-Win: 5,000x
  • Release date: 16/04/2021

Buffalo is a hardworking animal, however, whoever made this Buffalo King Megaways game is just lazy! Imagine they used the same assets from the original Buffalo King game and failed to create something more fresh than the predecessor. This game has no uniqueness in it, as its gameplay is just like any other megaways game with the “tumble feature.“ Probably the only bright side is that this new game has better RTPs and reasonable max-win. Still, I don’t understand what the developers think since they added ante bet and bonus buy feature that has lower RTPs than the normal spin. Usually, ante bet and bonus buy have better RTPs to attract players so they will use it. Wild-Wild Riches is one of the good examples.

Buffalo King Megaways Demo

This game is definitely playable and has some good in it. For example, you can get extra free spins with only three scatter symbols, and the two or more multipliers are multiplied, not added. If you get a 3x-wild and then a 3x-wild, your winning will be multiplied by 3×3 = 9x (not 3+3 = 6x). And if you then land a 2x-wild at the same spin, the 9x will be multiplied again by 2x = 18x. Hence, you can get an insane amount of winning as shown on the above demo video. Its 5,000x along with high volatility is also a sweet spot for modern slot games.

In conclusion, this Buffalo King Megaways offers better RTP and min-bet than its predecessor, therefore it’s okay if you want to play it. I can’t recommend this game though, since this game is below my standard, especially related to the gameplay. But if you like the old non-megaways game, you will be better of play this megaways version. The question is, why they remake a terrible game? And how could you like the non-megaways game?