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Hot Fiesta

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3.8/5Overall Score

Hot Fiesta is a Mexican-themed 5x3 reel slot that has the multiplier wild and roaming wild feature. Collect three fireworks scatter symbols on the 1st, 3rd, and 5th reel to trigger the bonus round and get the chance of collecting multiplier wilds that will roam and land randomly. The mechanic is like Mysterious and Wild Pixies bonus game, therefore won’t bring something new to the table. This game is okay, but not great, and notice that ante bet and bonus buy has lower RTP than normal bet. Strange, huh?

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  • RTP (default high): 96.56%
  • Volatility: High
  • Max-Win: 5,000x
  • Release date: 08/04/2021

Hot Fiesta is an okay game with decent gameplay, graphics, and music. But at the same time, this game offers nothing new. The roaming wild mechanic is like older Pragmatic Play’s game, such as Mysterious and Wild Pixies. This slot has a bonus buy and ante bet (double chance) feature that is quite weird. Usually, these features will have more RTP than the normal spin to encourage users to bet more. However, this slot offers 96.53% RTP for ante bet and 96.49% for bonus buy compared to the default 96.56% on the normal spin. These lower RTPs scream: “don’t use this feature!” since not only it costs more but also squeezes your balls harder. Hence, I advise you to use normal spin if you want to play this game.

Hot Fiesta Demo

If you play with normal spins, then this game is quite good. It has a cheerful atmosphere, along with colorful icons that will bring back childhood memories. The multiplier wilds can appear on any reel so you can get big wins via normal play. But the high minimum bet paired with high volatility (and 5,000x max-win), could suck your balance so fast, especially if you have a thin bankroll. If you are lucky and can land three scatters on the 1st, 3rd, and 5th reel, you will have a slim chance to win big in the bonus round. Don’t smile too early since this bonus round is one of the hardest, as you can see I spent lots of time creating the demo video above. However, it’s easy to get 20x-50x as the bonus round is worth a 100x base bet.

In conclusion, this Hot Fiesta slot is playable, but I can’t recommend you to play it. And if somehow you really like this slot, consider only use normal spins as the RTP is quite high. Anyway, the maximum roaming wild I can get is seven, and it will pay a lot on every spin. Insane! Imagine if you can collect six or seven wilds early!