Sugar Rush
Sugar Rush - JacksClub
Sugar Rush - JacksClub
Sugar Rush - JacksClub
Sugar Rush - JacksClub
Sugar Rush - JacksClub
Sugar Rush - JacksClub
  1. Sugar Rush
  2. Sugar Rush - JacksClub
  3. Sugar Rush - JacksClub
  4. Sugar Rush - JacksClub
  5. Sugar Rush - JacksClub
  6. Sugar Rush - JacksClub
  7. Sugar Rush - JacksClub

Sugar Rush – JacksClub

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3.8/5Overall Score

Sugar Rush from is a provably fair fruits-themed 6-reel slot. It has 97.3% RTP, which is higher than most mainstream slots. Even though the provider doesn't publish complete data, it seems (by guessing) that it has high volatility and at least 999x max-win. This slot is a good substitute for Pragmatic's Sweet Bonanza as it has better RTP. Moreover, you can play it at a fraction of cents.

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  • RTP (default high): 97.3%
  • Volatility: High (guesstimated)
  • Max-Win: 999x++
  • Release date: 26/11/2020

If you like to play Sweet Bonanza but can’t stand the pain caused by its RTP, worry not, as we have Sugar Rush comes to the rescue. I know that this provably fair slot is not that pretty and engaging like Sweet Bonanza. The graphics are okay, but the sound is a “meh.” However, it comes with several pros, such as better RTP and lower minimum bet. In other words, you can play this game all day long if you bet with, let’s say, 0.001 dollars.

Sugar Rush

You may want to read about provably fair slots, why it’s essential, and why it’s currently not as well developed as mainstream slots (the crypto community calls it the centralized 3rd party slots). Since Sugar Rush is a provably fair slot, you can have the confidence that the result is fair, robust, and untempered. Thus, it’s okay if you want to play with significant bankrolls as in the mainstream slots.

Anyway, after I tested this slot multiple times, I conclude (subjectively) that this slot may have high volatility, but it felt like winning was a bit easier because of its high RTP. Perhaps I need to spend more time in JacksClub casino to get a better, unbiased view. The major downside is this game only available on JacksClub since provably fair slots are often created by “indie” casinos as their in-house brand games.