Slots Guide: The Provably Fair Slots

Have you tried to search about online slots scams on the internet? You will find that not a single slots provider (even the most reputable one) is deemed trustworthy. They all have these scam accusations everywhere, and the result always goes back to the trust. Do you trust the slots provider not to manipulate results? Therefore, the cryptocurrency community with their “don’t trust, verify” slogan, created the system where you can verify your bet and see with your eyes that the results are not manipulated or tempered.

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How Provably Fair Works

Provably fair works with this straightforward formula: the slots provider input (called server seed) + the player input (called client seed) = result. This way, the slots provider cannot determine the outcome before users input their client seed and click the “spin” button. Thus the genuine provably fair slots must have these elements:

  • The ability to input (or keep) strings into “client seed” at any moment;
  • The ability to request change (or keep) the “server seed” at any moment;
  • To know server seed (hashed) before users input their “client seed.”

What is this “hashed server seed?” Well, if the server seed is in plain text, users can calculate the result and input their winning client seed. Therefore, the server seed needs to be hashed (or masked), and this cryptography hashing technique allows users to ensure that the original server seed is unchanged. Hence, the provably fair system allows users not to trust the slot providers but verify the calculation and the result.

Why Only A Few Provably Fair Slots?

Since prominent slot providers have their own method to ensure fairness, RTP, and independent results, provably fair only popular in the cryptocurrency community. Thus, only crypto casinos implement this algorithm. These casinos are basically “indie” or low-budget game developers, so consequently, the games may not well developed in terms of graphics/animations, sound, etc. It’s like comparing Hollywood movies with Hollyshit movies. BUT, provably fair slots often have significantly higher RTP (or low house-edge) and extremely low minimum bet with the ability to play with a fraction of cents. Yes, you read it right! Not a fraction of dollars, but cents!

Where To Play?

You can read its review here, and then you can go to the mentioned crypto casinos on that page. We will try to collect the best provably fair slots and keep the list growing.